Saturday, November 25, 2006

Earth Angel

This post was originally posted on Blog Mamas on September 7th, 2006.

Ode to a Mother's Helper

One of the brightest ideas I had all summer
was to call 'Moe (Jeep's version of her name) and ask her
to become an honorary family member
She gains babysitting experience with mom around
(plus $4 an hour)
and I get extra hands and help with
shopping trips and summer concerts
Once a week under her care
all the board books return to the shelf
the tupperware to the cupboard
and the toys to their baskets
Baby boy giggles erupt from the living room
while I put dinner on the table
Stories of sixth grade entertain us and
our wacky family antics amuse her in return
Oh happy day
today is Thursday
and 'Moe is on her way!

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