Thursday, July 19, 2007

Happy Hill, Golf Guys & Bubble Bub

A few days ago we took a four day road trip vacation with Jeeper's Grandma and Grandpa. I learned a few things, good and bad, about car travels with a toddler. Next time we take Jeep on vacation I plan to be a little more careful about coordinating travel and naptime, for example. But I had to share these three highlights of the long weekend:

After Jeep started getting restless at a restaurant, he and Daddy wandered outside and found a little hill and Jeeper went crazy rolling down. I couldn't believe how many times he would roll down and then pop back up, run up the hill and do it again. He laughed and laughed. Such a typical childlike thing to do. Who hasn't rolled down a hill? It was a rite of passage -- a very fun one!

Daddy, Grandpa and Bub played a little putting course the next morning and the Jeeper held on through 12 holes. He concentrated really hard, was super sweaty after they finished and kept repeating his dad's coaching for days: "Back, through!" It was amazing to see him play so hard with the big guys.

Our boy, bubbles and a beautiful view.

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capnwatsisname said...

Thanks for the updates! It's cool to see how your men have grown. P is looking so tall and mature. And also the boy. We are staring down the barrel of a long roadtrip in a few months, and will benefit from your wisdom in this area. I think it will be fun, except for the screaming (I get a little worked up about the holidays).