Sunday, September 07, 2008

Two Inches of Independence

Jeeper and I had a quick date yesterday afternoon -- right before his dad and I went on a date for our ninth wedding anniversary. My special time with Jeep was simply a run to our local Fred Meyer for a step stool for our bathroom. We already have a step stool in the bathroom, but one of those little white IKEA ones. When Jeeper stands on it, if he stretches really hard, he can sometimes turn on the hot water. Which means, many times a day, he needs a grown up to help him wash his hands. So after what feels like a million trips to the bathroom, I finally got the brilliant idea to look for a slightly taller step stool.

At the store, Jeep chose a red, folding, "as-seen-on-tv" step stool and he proudly carried it most of the way to the checkout. And I will tell you, those extra two inches have bought us both a whole new world of independence. Now Jeep is able and free to turn on the hot and cold water as well as turn it off. All by himself. So I am free and able not to be there. I love you, sweet independence! At least for today.

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