Thursday, October 15, 2009

Back In the Saddle

Okay, so obviously I fell off the Gratitude Challenge wagon. Or I got on the wagon. Whichever one means I wasn't doing it - that metaphor always throws me for a loop. Anyway, while I have been trying to be grateful everyday, I wasn't keeping up with the assignments on the 21-day calendar. But now I'm BACK! I know you missed me.

Day Eight: Send thank you notes to five people who deserve a little recognition. I did it! Well, two notes still need address details, but all five thank you notes are written, stamped and will be mailed tomorrow. As always, I was blessed by writing the notes more than any of the recipients could be. If it weren't the middle of the night and my hand wasn't already cramping, I could easily write five more. So thank you Tiny Prints. For such a lovely idea. AND for not suing me for borrowing the lovely thank you note image in today's post.  :) Good night!


Rebecca Gorton said...

Love it! I've definitely noticed that while I feel grateful for the things on the days in between, I can't always do the actual challenge things on consecutive days -too many mom interruptions. I like to call it "prolonging the gratefulness."

Still, many thanks to you for finding/sharing this idea!

Sara said...

right there with you...but, I think I am back on my GC game now too. hope to see you soon!

Liz said...

Funny - I hit the part in GC where you have to identify a sense (e.g., sound, smell, etc.) to focus on for each day...but it was just one day's challenge and that little quirk threw me off this week, too. But I feel like it's a work in progress anyway, so the regimen isn't the most important part.