Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Gratitude Schmatitude Part 2

Okay. So the Tiny Prints Gratitude Challenge is kicking my behind. Not only because writing something everyday is hard, but ALSO because most of the assignments are truly challenging (hmmm... maybe that is how they came up with the name) if I do them honestly. So honestly, some days I'm NOT very grateful.

Last week I got stuck on Day Nine: Enjoy the people around you. Take a moment to appreciate their unique talents, abilities and personalities. I was all geared up to complete the assignment at my god-daughter's birthday dinner. I was even going to take my camera and capture every grateful moment on film. Then come home and entertain the masses with my witty analysis of these people that I love. But before we left home on Thursday, Bea called to let me know her husband felt like he had the flu... and in the midst of swine-flu paranoia, we decided not to to go to the party. Boo. Oh well, I decided I would delay the assignment one day and appreciate my friend Polly and her new baby on Friday. But then she sent a text that they were sick too! Grr. How am I supposed to enjoy the people around me if I don't get to be around anyone?! (Lovely how I've made it all about me, heh.)

I know I could have, probably should have, spent time being grateful for my two angel kiddos and my handsome, loving husband. But instead, I've let myself be a grump and I've focused on my frustration about not being able to be with my friends. So today, I'm completing the assignment for Day Nine Point Five: Give yourself a break and then get over your grumpy self. Seriously.

PS - I "borrowed" the above photo of the adorable, yet grumpy carrot, from bbk bags on etsy. Check out her super cute handbags! She is very talented and she has the best birthday ever.


Rebecca Gorton said...

Oh Sunni,
The Gratitude Challenge is kicking my butt, as well. I skipped day 6, I think, because I haven't had a chance to do it. I am still trying to finish my "Thank You Notes," even though I know I could write 100 if I had the time...For me, I think it's going to be the "How about if I finish it by Thanksgiving challenge?"

Kim said...

Hey...did you network your blog to FB? You should, so I get reminded you've updated. I've been missing a lot of your posts. My dramatic past couple weeks has kept me offline a bit, too, though. What a challenge it would be to be grateful for all that! I think I'll give it a rest.

Seattle Sun said...

Rebecca - I'm with you on the "finish by Thanksgiving goal!"

Kim - I am on networked blogs through fb. And I double checked that all of mine came through so I don't know what is up. :( I'll check again.