Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

In addition to all my tension, worry, stress and upset because my dad is in the hospital recovering from a stroke (almost 1000 miles away), yesterday was stinky because:

Jeep broke a beautiful little dish that I brought back from Japan over ten years ago.

CeCe "the Destroyer" found (by getting past the kid-lock on the bathroom cupboard) and ruined my favorite lipstick. Lipstick under tiny fingernails is OH SO fun to clean up!

My mom (understandably) had a huge emotional breakdown.

Mother Nature brought me a "gift." (Let's pretend I didn't just write that.)

More great moms applied to be the Verity Mom. Including a professional blogger. She probably has a clean house and nice handwriting too. Grrr.

My husband got a speeding ticket. Okay, that was actually a couple of days ago, but I was still really mad about it yesterday.

Jeep whined. CeCe fussed.

And some other stuff. That I can't think of today. But it sure seemed like a really bad day. Except for the moments when it didn't. Like when we took a walk as a family to the local park. And during the phone calls from dear friends who wanted me to know they love me and are thinking of me and my family. And when my husband put the kids to bed so I could go to the gym. And when I was eating the brownie sundae I made when I got home.

So maybe it wasn't exactly a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. But I hope today is better.


Lanie said...

Oh, I love this and feel for you!
It has to be better in Australia, right?!

Amy M. said...

Sorry about your bad day, but thanks for sharing! I told you:
"TERRIBLE TUESDAY"! The crappiest of days are almost always Tuesdays.

Best wishes for your Papa.

Sara said...

I was thinking Brownie Sundae before I finished reading this post, that, by the way, brings tears to my eyes. glad you got something sweet yesterday. so, so sorry to hear about your day. treat yourself today to some new lipstick! and, maybe some jojos. :)

Kim said...

I had a pretty bad day today...which is why it's now almost 9:30 and I still didn't connect with you on the phone. So sorry you're going through all this. Hang in there. Just remember on days like this PBSkids is your friend...

Seattle Sun said...

Wow - I sure love you ladies!

Lanie, Australia sounds GREAT right now. ;-)

Amy, Tuesdays ARE terrible! Didn't you wear one brown shoe and one black shoe on a Tuesday?!

Sara, Let's meet at Whole Foods to shop for new lipstick -- that is where I got the last one. A great color AND not toxic. So cool.

Kim, Sorry about your bad day, hon. And we are MAXING out our PBSkids quota during these tough times, let me assure you. :)