Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yer Name's Sundee?

Ask anyone who knows me very well.  I'm pretty picky about my name.  I don't know exactly why my parents named me after the weather or why they decided to switch out the traditional Y for a cheerful I, but Sunni is my given name and I figure that people should, for the most part, get it right.  I assume that the barista will write "Sunny" on my cup when I give them my name and that's no problem for me.  Even when people pronounce it "Sue-knee" when they see it written for the first time is okay... as long as it doesn't happen a second time.  

Just like anyone else with an unusual name or a name with a non-traditional spelling, I've tried to figure out ways to make my name easy for people to understand and easy to remember.  The following dialogue took place when I was a teenager working at a snack counter.  It gives you a glimpse into my life with the name Sunni. This story isn't even about the unusual spelling -- that is a whole other blog post!  Anyway, here is one of the many funny conversations about my name:

Older gentleman:   Yer new here.  What's your name?
Me:  Sunni
Him:  Sally?
Me:  No, Sunni.  Like the day. 
Him:  Yer name's Sundee?!
Me:   No Sunni.  Like the weather.  Sunny day.  Like that.
Him:   Yer name's Sunny?
Me:  That's right.  Pleasant customer service smile.
Him:   Oh. Sunny... like Sonny Boy.... That's a boy's name.
Me:   Giving up.  Here are your nachos, sir. 


Liz said...

Good customer service and even as a teen and after personal assaults on one's name - that's remarkable!

Sunny Park said...

HA HA HA!! I laughed so hard when I read this, because you know I go through the same thing too. Although, it seems lately when I am talking on the phone with someone new, they think I am saying, "Hello, my name is Funny Park." Who would name their kid funny? Anyways, i do want you to know it was so fun growing up with us being the Sunnyies :). You and your family are still in my prayers. Thanks for the smile this morning! Have a great day!

Margaret McGillvray said...


Kim said...

heh, heh, heh. Maybe you should have nammed Jeeper Sue.