Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Light the Fire

I've written many, many blog posts since last September... unfortunately they have all been in my head! But a couple of weeks ago I found something that inspired me to return to the actual keyboard.

A local credit union is basically having a contest... for a part-time job as a "mommy-blogger" and spokesperson! I am a little surprised that I am so interested and excited by this idea. I tend to be a bit of skeptic and I get frustrated at how marketing departments can push, push, push for never-ending, thoughtless and wasteful consumerism. But this seems different. Sure Verity CU is doing this for a reason -- and I'm sure a numbers-based reason -- but it feels like there is heart behind it. That while they want to find new customers, they are also interested in those customers on a more holistic level. And that yes, their research shows that moms make most of the buying decisions in a family and so, of course, let's capture those banking customers, but let's also make their lives a little bit easier by giving them a space, and a voice, that supports the important, all-consuming yet so rewarding work of being a parent.

So, I'm in. I still need to write a blog post for my online application, but yesterday I borrowed a flip camera from a friend to make my application video. Today, I taped myself talking on my back deck while Jeep watched "kids TV" and CeCe took a nap. And the perfectionist, former working-for-money professional, detail-oriented me wanted to shoot it about 25 more times in various outfits, from multiple angles and in different light, BUT the baby woke up after take number 3 and my real-life as an at-home parent brought me back to the sweet reality of "good enough." Afterall, in addition to all I do everyday as a mom, I still need to get the video onto YouTube, finish my Facebook "Sunni Bannon for Verity Mom" fan page, and send a few more Tweets. grin

So thank you, Verity Credit Union for this great idea. It has recharged my blogging brain with loads of new ideas and I'm glad to be back!

And also thank you to Tim who kindly granted me permission to use Verity Credit Union's "Verity Mom" logo.

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Miss Kris said...

Good luck! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.