Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday Turkey

People with birthdays around Christmas time get lots of sympathy, but those of us with birthdays on/near other major holidays suffer too! My neighbor's son was born on the 4th of July and while fireworks every year can be fun, it isn't fun when none of your friends can come over to your house on your birthday because they have holiday plans. I can relate. If my birthday wasn't actually ON Thanksgiving (which happens every 5 years or so) then in most cases my friends still couldn't celebrate with me because they were either out of town (often at Grandma's house) or they had company. When I was younger, I really did NOT like it when my birthday feel on Thanksgiving. I wasn't the biggest fan of turkey, stuffing or gravy. And a candle in a piece of pie was not my favorite either! Plus sitting around eating and then sitting around watching football was way too boring. But over the years I've become more fond of Thanksgiving and I am grateful for the chance to be with friends and/or family to celebrate all our blessings. So I don't mind being the birthday turkey... just as long as we can have cake along with the pie!

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