Thursday, November 05, 2009

A Life's Work

Gratitude Challenge Day Twelve: Today, make the effort to live life with a positive outlook. Restrain from criticizing the people around you. Dare to see the glass half full. Listen more than you speak. Give freely of yourself. Practice kindness at every opportunity.

Today has been a great day. Really, truly. You can't hear my tone of voice, but I am relaxed, happy and grateful. Most of my day was spent doing housework and mediating sibling rivalry between my two young ones. The weather was cold, grey and rainy. I didn't get out of the house except to run Jeep to preschool and back. CeCe spilled juice all over the table -- and she has a diaper rash. My husband called me at the last minute to tell me he had an after work meeting that he had forgotten to mention. In the middle of my dinner prep I realized I didn't have three of the key ingredients and I had to switch my whole dinner plan. But somehow, miraculously, despite so many little challenges that could have turned my mood sour, I was able to live out today's challenge. Push aside the frustration, impatience or judgment and choose to be grateful.

I think today's challenge is truly a whole life's work. But I plan to move forward pursuing a positive outlook more often.

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