Saturday, November 21, 2009

Road Trip Thanks

The first day of our road trip went amazing well! I am so grateful:

~ that the kids did SO-O well. Sure, Jeep logged a couple of hours of watching videos on the iPod, but he was content and cooperative the whole time and CeCe cried maybe five minutes total during the whole 8+ hour drive.

~ for clear roads. We saw lots of snow on the ground on all the mountain passes and drove through some snow flurries, but the roads were smooth and clear the whole way.

~ to find a bright, clean, HUGE hotel room at our overnight stop. I knew this hotel was newly built, but I'm delighted with the space, amenities and bargain price.

~ for my darling hubby who worked hard to help get us out the door (even with both of us packing, we left 3 and a half hours later than we thought we would -- which was fine) and then he drove the whole way!

Here is hoping and praying tomorrow goes just as smoothly. :-)

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