Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From the Mouth of Bubs

Here are some of my favorite recent Jeeper-isms:

"Mama, do you know my favorite color? Rainbow. I like all of the colors, that is why I said rainbow."

"Do you know what kind of water is in Hawaii? Salt water."

"Mama, do you know that I love to sing to you?" 

And now, for the 4-year old quote finale...

Jeep: "How does a baby grow in a mama's belly?" Me: "Umm... babies grow from very special seeds." Jeep with a very surprised look on his face: "Even babies grow from seeds?!" Me: "Uh yes, that's right." Jeep: "What does the seed look like?" Me: "Oh, it is very tiny, you can't even see it." Jeeper: "Tinier than my fingernail?!" Me: "Even smaller than that." Jeep shaking his head in disbelief: "How can a baby grow from a tiny seed?!"

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Clara Womack Barksdale said...

Your bub makes me laugh! He's such a sweetie.