Thursday, November 19, 2009

Toy Pixie

How is it that adding a second child means that suddenly we can't keep track of the toys in our house? We have a small place and compared to most preschoolers I know, my kids have less than the average number of toys. Before CeCe, we knew that all our puzzles had all the pieces, every car had four wheels, games were complete in their boxes, that legos were in the legos box and blocks in the block basket. NO LONGER! In the last few days, somehow we have lost a whole puzzle... except for one piece! Two other puzzles are missing pieces -- one of them is a floor puzzle and the pieces are about 8 inches square. How can we lose something that big?! The other one has large wooden pieces and at least HALF of them have disappeared in the last week. I am completely confused as to where they could be. Seriously, it is strange how we have so many incomplete and lost toys now. It isn't all her fault, but I do think this cutie is the major culprit!

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