Monday, November 30, 2009

Memory Monday - In A Pinch

Living in Japan I was constantly asked, "What is your hobby?" Every Japanese friend I met had a quick and easy answer... AND a neat and tidy hobby to go with it. My host mother's hobby was cake baking. She told me that when she first became interested in baking cakes, she baked a cake EVERY DAY for a year in order to perfect her skills. She showed me a photo album filled with photos of beautifully decorated cakes and baked a number of delicious cakes during my summer with her family. But one night, a friend stopped by unexpectedly and she invited him to stay for dinner. In the kitchen, as she stirred a pot of eggs and flour over the stove, she taught me her secret for a great last minute dessert -- cream puffs! Elegant, easy and delicious. Although I've only baked a couple of cakes, I've made cream puffs many, many times and thought of her every single time.


Adelaide B said...

Um. We like cream puffs.

Liz said...

Can you send me your recipe? I love cream puffs and even more, I love an easy recipe!